About the Learning Materials

Welcome to the Medway School of Pharmacy Skills for Dermatology Course.

This comprehensive university course provides you, the student, with the skills and knowledge to enable you to take a history and conduct a structured consultation in dermatology as well as identify the most appropriate management for a wide range of skin conditions. It also covers the pharmacist’s contribution to medicines optimisation of long-term dermatological conditions.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a systematic ability to adapt existing history taking strategies and use clinical assessment skills to enable screening for common dermatological conditions, to safely effectively and consistently support a differential diagnosis or to identify and manage patients with dermatological conditions
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the role of the health care professional in medicines optimisation of long-term dermatological conditions

As you can imagine acquiring this level of expertise is not a 5 minute job. If you were to undertake all the reading, activities, including following all the links, watching all the videos and completing the assessment, the university would estimate that this could take up to 100 hours of student effort. This is why if you successfully complete the course and assessment, you will be awarded 10 academic credits from the Medway School of Pharmacy (Universities of Kent and Greenwich).

Module Links

Each module contains various links that you can access. Links in green help broaden your knowledge and provide additional resources that you may be interested in reading – it is up to you if you do these or not. Links in yellow are integral to students' learning. Finally, the links in red are part of the course and you will need them to help you meet the learning outcomes and to tackle the assessment.

Practice Points

Throughout the modules there are Practice Points where we ask you to think about how you might apply what you have learned to your practice or we might get you thinking about the topic to come. This reflection on practice, linked to your learnng might make an ideal CPD entry for revalidation.


The videos within the modules show examples of pharmacists carrying out consultations with patients. They demonstrate some of the skills being discussed in the modules for example history taking and explaining conditions.

We are not saying this is the only way to approach each of these aspects of the skin consultation but they will give you some ideas to consider and adapt for your own approach. Whilst the patients here are actors, the scenarios themselves are all based on real patients. The videos are set in a pharmacy and the healthcare professional in each case is a real pharmacist, however if you are a different healthcare professional, you should easily be able to adapt the approach to suit your own setting.

Test Yourself

There is a ‘test yourself section’ at the end of each module. Here you will find MCQs which will help you test your knowledge and understanding of the module. If you struggle with these questions, we suggest you review the module at this point until you are comfortable with your grasp of the topic.


Students who have worked through the Learning Materials, or who feel confident with all aspects of Skills for Dermatology, can progress to the Online Assessment.