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Case study – Alison Andrews

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Patient History

Patient Name: Alison Andrews

Age: 42

Alison Andrews is a 42 year old woman who trained as a nurse in her youth. After a 20 year break to bring up her children and nurse her husband who died of cancer last year, she is considering retraining and a return to nursing again. To help her make up her mind she is planning to go out to Tanzania for 6 weeks to work in a local hospital as a volunteer. You are aware that she has been having the requisite injections, but today she has arranged to come in to discuss malaria prophylaxis.

Alison herself is healthy apart from occasional flare ups of psoriasis on her elbows and knees.

Patient Medication Record

Patient Name: Alison Andrews

Age: 42

Current medication

  • Dovobet Gel – use twice a day on the affected areas
  • Double base emollient gel – use regularly on skin

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  • 1: Which of the following statements concerning psoriasis is TRUE?
  • 2: According to the NHS website ‘Fit for Travel’ malaria prophylaxis for Tanzania would include: atovaquone/proguanil OR doxycycline OR mefloquine. Which of these drugs can cause significant photosensitivity such that patients should be advised to avoid sunlight exposure?
  • 3: Alison should be advised:
  • 4: Alison can be advised that:
  • 5: Alison should be advised to report all but one of the following symptoms which could be indicative of malaria:
  • 6: Which of the following is true of Alison’s psoriasis management?
  • 7: Which of the following is true of Alison’s psoriasis management?