Welcome to the Skills for Dermatology online course

Skills for Dermatology is an online course from the Medway School of Pharmacy. It is principally aimed at community pharmacists, but the vast majority of the content is suitable for pharmacists in other settings and other healthcare professionals also working in primary care who want to enhance their learning in dermatology.

How It Works

Skills for Dermatology is made up of two elements:
  1. Learning materials in the form of nine modules
  2. Assessment module

Students will register and pay for the course online using the registration page. The course costs £220 and this includes the assessment module. Subsequent assessment attempts will cost £75, up to a maximum of three attempts in total. Once successfully registered you will be sent log in details. This will allow you access to the nine modules and one assessment attempt. Successful completion of the course results in the award of 10 academic credits at level 7 (master’s level). The course is part of the Skills training package from Medway School of Pharmacy.

For more details about how the course works, see About The Course.

For more information on this and on other postgraduate study at the Medway School of Pharmacy please visit the Medway School of Pharmacy Postgraduate study page.

Please note that the Medway School of Pharmacy is currently operating on a virtual campus. This means that no physical copies of certificates are currently being generated. Please use your temporary certificates until the physical copy of your certificate can be generated, this is what it is for. We will generate and post certificates earned as a matter of priority once the university campus reopens.